A Brand-new Hybrid Solar PV plant in Madagascar

To minimize the use of fossil fuel and go greener, Cap Sud has chosen IDSUD Energies to build a solar photovoltaic plant near the city of Ilakaka. It is a city located in the southern part of Madagascar, which has developed through an open-pit mine of precious stones, including sapphire.

The following project consists of 1,415 solar panels connected to inverters, with a capacity of 460 kWp.

The solar power plant is also equipped with LiFePO4 batteries installed in two re-equipped and equipped containers. The purpose of the system is to allow the plant to provide electricity after sunset. The batteries are thus capable of storing 1500 kWh.

Le projet consiste à la construction d’une centrale d’autoconsommation Hybride d’une puissance totale de 460 kWc, couplés à 1500 kWh de stockage batteries lithium-ion, installés dans deux conteneurs pré-équipés et aménagés.