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To date, IDSUD Energies has invested €7 million into R&D, in order to develop and guarantee its command of technology, always considering RE as the energy of the high-performance cities of the future. In order to galvanize their offer of innovative solutions, IDSUD Energies selects highly qualified partners, each with their own specializations.
Creation of the company IDSUD

Originally named “Change de la Bourse”
The company IDSUD is listed on the Marseille Stock Exchange
The group IDSUD is listed on the ALTERNEXT market on the Paris Stock Exchange
Creation of IDSUD Energies
In December 2013, in light of the energy transition currently underway, the group IDSUD created its subsidiary IDSUD Energies, dedicated to development of production, storage, and distribution solutions for renewable energies.
Buyout of Nheolis© assets: brand and patents
In January 2014, IDSUD Energies acquired the brand Nheolis and its 3 international patents. Created in 2006, Nheolis has designed a range of small wind turbines: the Nheowind.
New strategy for Nheolis©
Uplifted by the dynamic growth of IDSUD Energies, the brand renews its identity and re-positions itself, demonstrating its new ambitions, orientated towards ‘smart energies’.

IDSUD Energies, international development
Creation of different subsidiaries in order to be present at the heart of developing markets.

  • IDSUD Energies Afrique
  • IDSUD Energy Asia Pacifique
  • IDSUD Energy Singapore
Launch of the Nheobox
In response to the increasing demand for micro-grids, IDSUD Energies developed an independent and mobile solar power station, capable of producing, storing and distributing energy: the Nheobox.FIND OUT MORE