IDSUD Energies develops innovative independent solutions.
Custom-designed thanks to the expertise of the design office and the R&D department, these solution ranges are manufactured in France in exclusive partnerships with market leaders, a reference in their field.


IDSUD Energies street lights, independent and separate from the electricity network, correspond to all types of applications, from lighting in protected areas, to large major roads, or to car parks or lighting for pedestrian areas. Over and above their ecological and responsible characteristics, these street lights significantly reduce the costs of installation, consumption and maintenance, over their working lifetimes.


A totally independent
Reduction in
operating costs
Management of production
and consumption
Numerous additional
and complementary applications

les nheolight

Two models of nheolight to adapt to each implantation and to allow an optimal productivity: hybrid and solar. The nheolight hybrid works on the principle of the energy mix and is designed to adapt to areas with strong sunlightClick here: Discover the hybrid and solar nheolights
Discover the hybrid and solar nheolights

les nheosolutions

IDSUD Energies has developed solutions adapted to the problems of the future. The street lamps used for street lighting can also feature connected applications (WIFI, signage, video surveillance, etc.) and can convey information.


  • Telemetry solutions to facilitate remote management of the parks. Thanks to operational optimization, they represent an effective boost to savings.
  • Sensors, connected to a server, register production and consumption of the devices.
  • WIFI relays which allow access to Internet to be deployed.
  • Pollution sensors providing instantaneous control over particle emissions.
  • Operational management of the installations in real time via a secure online platform, available 24h.


Installations can be fitted with the following using our nheosecure applications:

  • surveillance camera
  • presence detectors
  • deterrent security lighting
  • alarmed presence detectors


With IDSUD Energies applications, street lights become conveyors of communications. In addition to the options for visual personalization, advertising banners can be fitted, thus transforming each RE production tool into a new display area.


Nheolis©-IDSUD Energies wind turbines use innovative, in-house and patented technology, incorporating 3D blades which allow production to be rapidly initiated, including under light winds. Their self-directing function makes them highly adaptable to both disrupted areas and urban areas.They can be installed on-grid or off-grid and are ideal for reduction of fossil fuel consumption.
To compensate for the discontinuity of the wind, wind turbine solutions and photovoltaic systems can be complementary to each other within the same project.
This controlled hybridization of several sources leads to greater energy efficiency.


A totally independent

Reduction in
operating costs

Performance assured
by a patented technology

les nheowind

Two local wind turbines, to satisfy any type of need: nheowind 3D 50 and nheowind 3D 100, with a respective power of 1.5 and 3.5 kW.

Self-directional, they are installed on-grid or off-grid. Equipped with patented 3D wing technology, the nheolis © wind power generation solutions offer unique benefits.
DÉCOUVRIR les nheowind

Reference Project

Nheolight for the camp
Aix-en-Provence, France

With its participation in the realization of the Project The Camp, IDSUD Energies accompanies the innovation of the place, offering, with the lighting, a decentralized renewable energy production with the last evolution of its solutions Nheolight Hybrid

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