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IDSUD Energies afrique, logintek project
Settat, Maroc

The company IDSUD Energies Afrique, subsidiary of the French group IDSUD Energies, inaugurated its branch offices in the Kingdom of Morocco by installing its independent street lights: the nheolight hybrid (solar and wind turbines)

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Nheolight for the camp
Aix-en-Provence, France

With its participation in the realization of the Project The Camp, IDSUD Energies accompanies the innovation of the place, offering, with the lighting, a decentralized renewable energy production with the last evolution of its solutions Nheolight Hybrid

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Nheosolutions for marseille’s « connected beach »
Marseille, France

Keeping the strategy of participation in territorial development constantly in mind, IDSUD Energies collaborates in a new project.

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