IDSUD Energies afrique, logintek project

Location : Settat, Maroc


The company IDSUD Energies Afrique, subsidiary of the French group IDSUD Energies, inaugurated its branch offices in the Kingdom of Morocco by installing its independent street lights: the nheolight hybrid (solar and wind turbines)

The ZINAFRIK Development group was the first to put this patented technology to use in installations for its future Logintek multimodal area, an impressive project for an integrated logistics city near Settat, in the Greater Casablanca region.

The group, due to the resolutely high-performance and pioneering entrepreneurial vision of its director Mr. Samir FILALI, rapidly understood all the benefits of street lighting supplied by renewable energies. They decided to install slightly less than eight hundred light sources in this vast area covering 110 ha.

These solutions were produced and installed with participation from numerous renowned Moroccan companies, selected local partners, who put all their knowledge to use in this project and more generally to that of the development of IDSUD Energies AFRIQUE on Moroccan territory.

Moreover, the company Mapicer, subsidiary of the group SNEF, has been selected for installation of the street lights. A professional and reactive partner, with whom the IDSUD Energies teams collaborate efficiently every day in the field.

This first project of its kind paves the way for IDSUD Energies Afrique to assert its strong desire to provide the Kingdom with an offer of long-term expert knowledge, to support its move towards RE.